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Startup Chat with Sweet Tooth
Startup Laurier + the Entrepreneurship Society are back at it again! We strive to connect talent from these two amazing universities while presenting insights from the most talented entrepreneurs we can find! Our “Startup Chat” series provide students with an opportunity to expand their network and listen to entrepreneurs discuss what they’ve learned during their journey through entrepreneurship.
Join us on March 31st for a startup chat with Mohsen Hadianfard, Chief Operating Officer of Sweet Tooth. Refreshments will be provided. Register on Eventbrite today!


We have hosted multiple events in the past and many of them will continue to run. Look below to get a feel for some of the events that Startup Laurier runs throughout the year. Our events are completely FREE for premium members and the price varies per event for everyone else. You can purchase premium membership by clicking below.

Entrepreneurs Exchange
Michael Wekerle at Entrepreneurs Exchange

Entrepreneurs Exchange is Startup Laurier’s largest event of the year. Entrepreneurs Exchange is a half-day conference held typically during Entrepreneurship Week in November at Communitech. Entrepreneurs Exchange provides the opportunity for students to hear presentations from multiple successful founders. Previously we have hosted speakers such as Michael Wekerle (Dragon’s Den), Matt Schnarr (Awake Chocolate), Adam Belsher (Magnet Forensics), Aditya Bali (Buffer Box) and many more. The day includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions and dinner. The event typically attracts over 150 attendees, and is considered the largest student entrepreneurship event in the region.

Startup Chats
Startup Chat with Matt Scobel

Startup Laurier and the Entrepreneurship Society of UWaterloo have partnered together to connect talent from our two amazing universities while also presenting insights from the most talented entrepreneurs we can find! Students from both schools are invited to join us for a series of “Startup Chats” where they’ll have the opportunity to expand their network and listen to talented entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. These entrepreneurs will discuss what they’ve learned during their journey through entrepreneurship, teach practical skills, and provide insights on topics focused around building and growing a successful business or working for a startup, a small-medium sized enterprise, or an innovative corporation. It is a great honour and privilege for our team to co-host such accomplished individuals, as they take the initiative to give back to such a thriving and vastly growing community.

Startup Consulting Case Competition
Startup Consulting Case Competition

Startup Laurier and Laurier Consulting Club have partnered to host Startup Consulting Case Competition. Startup Consulting Case Competition gives students the opportunity to gain real consulting experience while also engaging with the entrepreneurship community in Kitchener Waterloo Region. Typically held at Communitech, Startup Consulting Case Competition is a full day event where students teams work on cases presented by local companies. Each company is given a monetary prize, which they are to award to the team that presents the best solution.

Laurier Entrepreneurship Competition

Laurier Entrepreneurship Competition is hosted by Laurier’s Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship. Students, alumni and professors compete in one of four competition streams. Research 2 Revenue stream is a competition stream open to professors student partner teams. Sustainable Hawk Fund stream is a fund where students present businesses and initiatives that improve the sustainability of Laurier and the surrounding area to earn seed investment. LaunchPad Competition stream is a competition open to current students and graduated alumni of the Laurier LaunchPad incubator program. Startup Laurier Competition stream is a competition stream open to students who are looking to get their feet wet as entrepreneurs. In the Startup Laurier Competition students present their idea phase companies for a chance to gain mentorship, resources, and a spot in Laurier’s LaunchPad incubator.

Communitech Tours
Communitech building in Waterloo

Startup Laurier and Communitech have partnered to present Communitech Tours. Students meet at Communitech, Ontario’s largest technology innovation centre. Students are guided by Communitech company mentors, they are shown the Communitech space, LaunchPad space, Velocity Garage and given the unique opportunity to network with company founders located in the various co-working spaces.

Boltmade Design Sprints Workshop
Boltmade design sprints

Startup Laurier and Boltmade have partnered to present Design Sprints. Design Sprints is a Boltmade presented workshop series that helps you design a product from the ground up using Google Venture’s Design Sprint methodologies. You will be taught techniques and tools that can be used to conceptualize, prototype, and test your ideas within this session. Boltmade is a growing web and mobile design company that works with startups from around the world to Fortune 500 companies.

New Venture Idea Generation Workshop
New Venture idea generation

In the fall semester Startup Laurier presents New Venture Idea Generation Workshop. The New Venture Idea Generation workshop is targeted at first years but open to all students. In the past we’ve brought in previous BU111/BU121 New Venture Competition winners and finalists to discuss their tips and tricks. Following the presentation, students engage in activities to stimulate creativity and idea generation.

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